OBIEE – Managing Cache

Caching can be used for queries that are run repeatedly. Look at this blog to understand how to enable and configure caching. In this post we will look at pre-caching a query. Lets look at the foodmart catalog that we created in the earlier postWe will pre-cache the result of this reportSteps1. Create a text … Read more

OBIEE – Creating a Rank Measure

We look at creating a rank measure in this post. We will use the sales_fact_1997 table for this example. Join the sales_fact_1997 table with the product, store, time_by_day and promotion table in the physical layer. Drag the sales_fact_1997 and product table to the logical layer and create appropriate joins.We will create a salesRank logical column … Read more

OBIEE – Creating Hierarchy and Drill Down Table

In this post we look at creating a level based hierarchy and generate a drill down report off that. We will use the FoodMart database (described in previous posts). Take a look at the inventory_fact_1997 table and the store table. our aim is to find the units_ordered for the following hierarchy in the store table … Read more

OBIEE – creating logical model and presentation catalog

In the previous post we created the physical model by importing the table schema from the database. Next we will create the logical model for the inventory_fact_1997 table and connected dimensions.1. Select the following tables from the physical layer and drag them to the logical model layer.inventory_fact_1997productstoretime_by_daywarehousemake sure that you drag all the tables at … Read more

OBIEE – Creating MySql Datasource

We will be using the sample food mart database for all tutorials. Please look into the introduction blog to obtain the link for this database.In this post we look at creating a datasource to the foodmart database in MySql. The screenshots are from a windows XP machine.Steps to create the data source.1. Goto Start -> … Read more

OBIEE – Introduction

In this series of post we will look at Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition.The source database for the examples is the foodmart database which can be downloaded from here . Look at this blog from more details on this database.The blogs will cover the following: Creating a repository. Using Answers Creating Dashboards Using BI publisher … Read more

Key Performance Indicators and Balanced Scorecard

Performance management is critical to an organization’s success. The top management spends a lot of time in making sure that the company’s day to day activity is aligned with its long term goals. The facets of performance management are :1 Alignment – The top management needs to align the business processes of a company to … Read more

R and Java – JRI using eclipse.

Update – Check out the new RJava Eclipse Plugin.R is a powerful language for statistical computing and graphics. R has a strong community support and is finding new use in the corporate world. If R can be integrated with Java, it would provide a greap acceptance into new products. A library called rjava exists that helps … Read more