OBIEE – Creating a Rank Measure

We look at creating a rank measure in this post. We will use the sales_fact_1997 table for this example. Join the sales_fact_1997 table with the product, store, time_by_day and promotion table in the physical layer. Drag the sales_fact_1997 and product table to the logical layer and create appropriate joins.
We will create a salesRank logical column in the sales_fact_1997 logical table. Follow this steps to create the column.
1. Right click on the logical table and select new logical column. Enter the name of the column as SalesRank and select on the check box that says ‘use existing logical column as source’. use the expression builder to build the rank expression as shown

Create a sales table in the presentation catalog and add the salesrank unit_sales and the product name columns.

Open Answers and create a new request. Drag the columns from the sales table to the request.

This creates a report of products with ranked sales. To select the top 10 use a filter.

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