OBIEE – Using a Column Selector for additional Drill down

This post continues the idea of drill down developed in the previous post. Lets say that in addition to the country and city we also need to drill down on year->month. We will add a column selector to the existing report. here are the steps to do it.
1. Add the time_by_day table to the business model. join the inventory_fact_1997 and the time_by_day table using time_id column.
2. Drag the the_year and the_month column from the business layer to the presentation layer.
3. In the BI answers screen go to the criteria view and refresh the metadata to view the new columns. Add the_year column to the report. Drag it to be the first column.
3.Go to the results view and select ‘column selector’ from the drop down

4. select the ‘include selector’ checkbox in the first column that says the_year. click on the_month to add it to the the_year selector column

5. In the results view select ‘Compound layout’ and add the ‘column selector’ to the report. Drag it to the top

The report can now be viewed year wise or month wise. Also the drill down on country is still enabled

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