CloudFormation for SageMaker instance

Amazon SageMaker helps data scientists and Machine Learning developers build, train and deploy machine learning models. It includes Jupyter notebook to build and train model as well SageMaker API to train and deploy model with a few lines of code. Amazon CloudFormation helps in provisioning AWS resources using code. It automates provisioning and configuring resources … Read more

What is Kubernetes – simple Introduction

Kubernetes definition Kubernetes is an open source system for managing containerized applications and provides mechanisms to deploy, maintain and scale them accross multiple hosts spread accross on premise and cloud. It is more than a container orchestration platform because it also takes care of managing the compute, network and storage infrastructure What problems does Kubernetes … Read more

Kubernetes Kustomize for Multiple Environments

In the previous article we saw an introduction to the Kubernetes kustomize tool and how it can be used to configure YAML file used for deploying applications to Kubernetes. In this article we will look at how to use Kubernetes Kustomize for multiple environments. In a production setting , you might have multiple environments and … Read more

Kubernetes Kustomize – YAML Configuration Management

Kubernetes deployment and configuration management tools Many companies are moving towards Kubernetes for handling their container workloads. To learn more about Kubernetes, look at this video course. Although Kubernetes has become quite stable over the years, deployment to Kubernetes is still not evolved as an art. This is where Kubernetes kustomize comes in. You have … Read more

Amazon DynamoDB

DynamoDB Basics DynamoDB Overview DynamoDb is an AWS managed NoSQL database. It offers the following: Encryption at rest Scale throughput without downtime On demand backup and point in time recovery Data stored in SSD and replicated accross multiple AZs. DynamoDB Components table –> items –> attributes DynamoDB tables table is a collection of data items. … Read more