Statistics for Business Intelligence – Shape

In this post i will discuss the measures of shape used for statistical analysis, specifically skewness and kurtosis. I will also discuss the box and whisker plot. Skewness – A normal distribution is a bell curve that is perfectly symmetric. perfect symmetry implies that the values are distributed equally around the center. a graph is … Read more

Statistics for Business Intelligence – Introduction

An understanding of Statistics is imperative before delving into the tools and methods of business intelligence and analysis. We will spend some time on understanding the basics of Statistics for data analysis and in subsequent posts try to give more detailed explanation of the various methods involved.Statistics for data analysis can be broadly divided into … Read more

Business Analytics Road map

Any company wishing to reap the benefits of business analytics needs to understand the path that it has to take to reach the goal of optimization. Stage 1 : The first stage is reporting and data analysis. This essentially means that you gather the data from your source systems and run reporting tools on it. … Read more

Business Analytics – The need 2

Information is required at all levels in the organization. Right from the CEO,CFO or CIO to a technician, everyone in the organization can benefit from access to information. The kind of decision that they make may differ and the granularity of information required may vary but the same system should be able to serve the … Read more

Business Analytics – The need

In a series of post i will analyse a road map that a company can follow to implement business analytics. The final aim of business analytics is to allow a company to make informed decisions. In this first article we will try and understand why a company should invest money in business analytics. In this … Read more