Amazon S3 lifecycle policies

Why S3 lifecycle policies S3 lifecycle policies allow you to do two things: Reduce cost by deleting data that is not longer required. Implement your security policies by : Retaining data for the required duration and reducing cost by moving it to low cost storage. Deleting data that you are not allowed to retain for … Read more

Amazon S3 encryption

Encryption allows you to store objects in such a way that only an entity that has the encryption key, or access to the encryption key can access that object. S3 Encryption types There are five ways in which you can encrypt objects that you write to S3. S3 Server Side Encryption using Amazon S3 Managed … Read more

Amazon S3 access control and permissions

There are three ways to control access to s3 bucket and its objects Using bucket policies. Using bucket Access Control Lists (ACL) Using User policies ACL is used only in cases where Objects are not owned by the bucket owner. I.e. objects are uploaded by another account and the bucket owner does not own these … Read more