Woodstox : java-xml-woodstox-configuration-settings


Woodstox provides numerous settings to control XML processing.

A bulk of these settings are available in
class. A listing of these settings is provided below:

Property Details
IS_NAMESPACE_AWARE To turn on/off namespace support.This is to support XML 1.0 documents,
IS_VALIDATING To turn on/off implementation specific validation
IS_COALESCING Requires the parser to coalesce adjacent character data sections
IS_REPLACING_ENTITY_REFERENCES Requires the parser to replace internal entity references with their replacement text and report them as characters
IS_SUPPORTING_EXTERNAL_ENTITIES Requires the parser to resolve external parsed entities
SUPPORT_DTD Requires the parser to support DTDs
REPORTER To set the implementation of the XMLReporter interface

The following examples demonstrate how to configure a few of these settings:

Other settings may be used using the same approach as outlined in the above examples

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