Tabbed window for Cygwin and Windows command prompt

Opening up multiple cygwin windows or windows command prompt has annoyed almost every developer who had to do it. This post presents a way to open tabbed cygwin and windows command prompt using Console ( . Here are the steps:

  1. Download console2 from
  2. Unzip it and launch console.exe. This should open up a window that allows opening up of multiple tabs.
  3. To use console2 for Cygwin do the following:
    • Copy the console2 directory to, say, cygwin-console. (so if your console2 installation is at C:/Program Files/Console2, create a C:/Program Files/Cygwin-Console)
    • Open up Console.exe from Cygwin-Console directory.
    • Go to Edit->Settings and select console from the left menu.
    • On the right you should see a text box whose label says ‘Shell’. Type in “C:cygwinbinbash.exe –login”. (The cygwin path should correspond to your cygwin installation).
    • You could optionally enter “Startup dir”.
    • Make sure you Dont select ‘Save settings to user directory”, otherwise the original console application will also point to cygwin. The purpose of this tutorial is to present a way to open both windows command prompt and cygwin in multiple tabs on the same computer.


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  1. No need to duplicate the directory to setup a new console config. It is possible to create new console configs via Edit > Settings > Tabs.


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