Aalto: Basic StAX Parsing Using Aalto

Overview Aalto provides JSR-173 compliant StAX (Streaming API for XML) parsing. The key classes involved in StAX parsing are XMLInputFactory2 , XMLStreamReader2 and XMLEvent . The following sample program demonstrates how to perform basic StAX parsing Create employee.xml as shown below. It contains employee related information like id, name and salary (see lines 2-4 below) … Read more

Java XML: Aalto Introduction

Overview Aalto is a toolkit for XML processing. It supports the following features: Namespace aware StAX (Streaming API for XML) compliant (JSR-173) processor Support for both XML parsing and XML creation SAX (Simple API for XML) parsing High performance processor with excellant error handling support In particular, the main differentiator of Aalto in comparison with … Read more