Java CompletableFuture

What is Java CompletableFuture? Java CompletableFuture is used when you have a task that needs to be run asynchronously and you want to wait for the task to complete and obtain a value OR to force a task to complete. It also allows chaining multiple tasks together or executing a task after a few other … Read more

Multiple ssl certificates on Tomcat using SNI

In this tutorial, we will look at installing multiple SSL certificates on Tomcat using SNI. Tomcat 8.5.x allows you to install a separate SSL certificate for each virtual host in your tomcat installation. This works with a single IP because of the SNI feature in Tomcat 8.5.x and Java 8. (Java has implemented SNI since … Read more

Install Apache Tomcat Native

Steps to install apache tomcat native and its dependencies If you are using Apache Tomcat in production then it would be good to install Apache Tomcat native library as it has some optimizations for production use. Below are the steps to install it. The steps were performed on an AWS EC2 instance (Amazon Linux), but … Read more

Java Magazine January – Febrary 2017

Here’s the Java magazine for Jan – Feb 2017. It Covers the Following Topics: What topics does Java Magazine Jan – Feb 2017 cover A look at Polygot Maven Configuration. Java and JVM tools Design and Construction of modern build tools Creating Debugging Tools Blockchain, Scala, Java in containers [pdf-embedder url=””]

Java Magazine Nov – Dec 2016

Here’s the Java magazine Nov – Dec 2016. The focus on this magazine is JUnit 5. It Covers the Following Topics: What topics does Java Magazine Nov – Dec 2016 cover A look at how NetBeans is moving away from Oracle to Apache Software Foundation. An interview with the creator of JUnit 5 – Kent … Read more

Java Method Overloading and Conditions.

What is Java Method Overloading Java method Overloading is a feature where two methods in a class can have the same name provided they have different parameter lists. So if you have a class called ClassA, it can have two methods both named methodA, however, the two methods should take in different parameters. for example, … Read more

What is Inheritance in Java

What is Inheritance in Java? Inheritance In java is a feature that allows a class to extend the functionality of another class by directly deriving from it. The derived class has access to all the public and protected variables and methods of the base class. Inheritance allows adding functionalities over and above those defined in … Read more

What is Abstraction in Java?

What is Abstraction in Object Oriented Programming? Abstraction in java is used to hide the complexity of a system by exposing the method signature of the system but concealing its implementation. Java implements abstraction using interface and abstract class and so it would be easier to explain abstraction by explaining what interfaces and abstract classes … Read more

What is Object Oriented Programming?

What is Object Oriented Programming (OOP)? Object Oriented programming is a programming paradigm wherein all information is stored within the object and all ‘actions’ are performed by the objects. In the first tutorial, we explained the concept of Objects and classes. We defined “class” as a template that stores information about the state(customer’s name, address … Read more

Polymorphism in Java

What is polymorphism in Java? Polymorphism in Java is the principle by which an object can have multiple forms but each form conforms to a contract. Polymorphism can be thought of as a direct consequence of abstraction. In the earlier section, we say how abstraction separates method definition from its implementation. When we have two … Read more