Spring Remoting: Burlap

Concept Overview In the earlier tutorials we saw an introduction to Spring remoting and its support for RMI and Hessian. In this tutorial we look at another remoting protocol supported by Spring – Burlap. Burlap is an XML based protocol for web services. It has been developed by Caucho. It is similar to Hessian, the … Read more

Spring Remoting: Hessian

Concept Overview The previous tutorial presents an overview of spring remoting and lists down various remoting protocols supported by Spring. In this tutorial we look at Spring support for Hessian. Hessian is a web service protocol that transfers binary data between a remote service and its client. Hessian has been released by Caucho Technology. It … Read more

Spring Remoting: Remote Method Invocation (RMI)

Concept Overview Spring provides four ways to develop remote services. Remote services are services hosted on remote servers and accessed by clients over the network. For example, lets say you are developing a desktop application that needs to connect to a central server. The desktop application can be on various machines. you can use spring … Read more

Spring Security: Securing Methods Using JSR-250 @RolesAllowed Annotation

Concept Overview In the previous tutorial we looked at an introduction to spring method level security and ways to implement it. we also looked at an example that used Spring’s @Secured annotation to implement method level security. In this example we look at JSR-250’s equivalent annotation. Sample Program Overview We demonstrate method level annotation using … Read more

Spring Security: Securing Methods Using @Secured Annotation

Concept Overview Spring provides a way to implement method level security. Only users authenticated with particular roles may be allowed to access a method. There are four ways to implement method level security. Annotate method using @Secured Annotate method using JSR-250 @RolesAllowed Use Spring’s Pre and Post invocation Annotations Match method using Pointcuts In this … Read more

Spring Security: Authentication and Authorization Using XML

Concept Overview Spring provides a configurable framework for implementing authentication and authorization for an application. The security framework provides ways to login and logout from an application. It also provides authentication at view level and method level. What’s more, it can also provide you with a login page! Here are some things that it provides … Read more

Spring Web Flow: Using Sub Flows

Concept Overview The previous tutorial introduced spring web flow and the concept of states, transitions and flow data. In this tutorial we show an example of how a sub flow can be used a state in a root flow Sample Program Overview We continue with the earlier example of the logic application, however we add … Read more

Spring Web Flow Basics

Concept Overview Spring Web Flow is a framework that allows development of a flow in a web application. The flow guides user from one element of the application to another. How Does it Work Spring Web Flow uses the Spring MVC framework. The DispatcherServlet handles the request. A FlowHandlerMapping is used to map the request … Read more