Running R from Eclipse – StatET Features

In The previous blog we looked at how to install the StatET plugin that can be used to run R from eclipse. In This tutorial we will look at the various features of the plugin.

  1. Creating a New R Project or File. The plugin provides the following options Selection_146 We create a new R Project and a new R file.
    When you create a new R file, you can specify a template to use for the new file. To modify the template go to Preferences as shown below
  2. Before we run the new file, we start the R console. To understand how to create the R configuration for new console look at the previous blog entry
  3. The R console window is visible at the bottom by default. Previous workspace is restored
  4. There are five ways to run R code. The button to run them are on the toolbar at the top. The five options are :
    Use this command to run the entire file. Its like using the Source() command.

    Highlight the line that you need to run and then click on this button.




  5. StatET provides an Object Browser. The browser is quite useful to see and drill down through the objects in R. It also lists all loaded packages.


  6. Here’s a really awesome way to look at data – the Data Viewer. Right click on the object and launch the Data Viewer.
    Screenshot 2016-02-23 22:07:58


  7. If you are working with graphics then there is an inbuilt R Graphics window.

Development with StatET becomes great fun once you start getting comfortable with the various features. Good Luck!