• Java 8 - Lambdas, Collection Streams, Nashorn Javascript
  • Spring (Basic, Spring MVC)
  • XML (XStream, Woodstox, JAXP, JDOM)
  • JSON (Jackson, Google Json, json simple, org.json)
  • R, R-Java Integration

We provide Training in the areas listed here. We have an average industry experience of around 10 years in some of the leading IT companies. We have our full time job but teaching and IT have been our passions and we have decided to combine them in StudyTrails.

Our aim is to make sure that the trainees can start solving their business problems from the next day and hence our emphasis will be mainly on hands on experience. However, we have realised that having a strong foundation reduces the development and design time to half. Our trainings will therefore carry a mix of theory and coding.

We have predesigned course work but we would be happy to sit down with you and design a training plan that suits your company better. To know more please mail us.

  • Excellent work! You're doing good things for the community. - Joe Walnes (XStream)
  • So cool to get docs like this. Thanks! - Jason Hunter (JDOM)
  • Thank you so much for helping me to resume my project. - Khader (Spring)
  • This was a great explanation! - Thwinka (Spring)
  • Great example. Nice explanation . Good job. Keep posting :) - Anand Singh (Spring)
  • This was awesome. I needed a quick overview of Hibernate Template and I got it! Thank you very much. - Arun (Spring)
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